Ingredient Magazine aims to showcase to our readers the numerous possibilities of creative production derived from the use of one single ingredient. We spotlight natural resources and provide to our audience the many ways in which they can be utilised to create inspirational self care products that boost physical and mental health. The first issue of the magazine revolved all around Honey and was created during lockdown. The first issue consists of an interview with German Beekeeper Sebastian Katz as well honey related information regarding food, skincare, workout, sleep and mental health.
The magazine is a collaboration between 5 artists and designers. 
Editorial Design - Kulsum Karolia
Writer - Ellie Aitchison
Food Writer - Lea Metcalfe
Photography - Chloe Osborne, Hamda Rahman. Kulsum Karolia, Lea Metcalfe
Photo Editor - Lea Metcalfe, Hamda Rahman
Illustration - Hamda Rahman

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