For the Brands World brief I was given the theme of community and the age group 65+. My brand is a racing competition for women 65 and over called W 65 Series. 
My logo has been made by creating a W from a part of the iconic Silverstone track with a colour combination inspired by the former racing driver Desire Wilson.
I created a series of illustrations to be used for these race day programme covers. I used photographs from the Melbourne, Monte Carlo and Silverstone F1 tracks as my reference to keep the drawings realistic yet still incorporate my colour scheme.
To compliment the style of my race day programme covers I made my posters with a consistent style amongst them but incorporated the shape of the tracks alongside the type. I wanted to keep the overall look quite minimal but also wanted to grab the audience’s attention with its bright colours and finer details.
The video I created consisted of different speed durations to compliment the idea of racing. This was to give the audience a teaser about the sporting event.
I added some sponsors on to a couple of race tracks to show what the signage would look like. I used Specsavers and Rolex as my sponsors as well as including my brands logo.

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